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About "What No One Tells The Mom"

With hit television shows featuring nanny rescue heroes and desperate housewives, the truth is finally out.... moms are struggling and need help!  Now a new, revealing book WHAT NO ONE TELLS THE MOM (Perigee, April 2005) details the pleasures and travails of modern mothering. 

A bedraggled supermom herself, author Marg Stark and 100 other moms admit the insane lengths to which overachieving motherhood has pushed them.  Moms coax the Sandman with Children's Benadryl, regularly resort to primal screams, and boost waning libidos with minivan quickies. 

Ultimately, this funny book -- like its bestselling predecessor, What No One Tells the Bride (Hyperion 1998) -- reassures moms that desperation is common and normal in the early years of parenting, and offers practical steps to being happier mommies, wives and women.

A sanity-saving book filled with wit and wisdom, What No One Tells the Mom is the next best thing to having girlfriends, sex experts, and communication gurus on speed dial through this challenging, but ultimately rewarding, time.



will be released in April 2005, but you can
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Marg with her perfect, gorgeous 
devil-children Patrick and Liam




What People Are Saying About "WHAT NO ONE TELLS THE MOM"


"All the books, websites, TV shows or well-meaning advice in the world can never really prepare a woman for the sheer shock of new parent-hood. Nor will they ever adequately convey what happens to your heart, your character and your growth as a human being.  Marg Stark, though, gets as close to the astonishing reality of it all as you will find on any printed page. Don't put the birth control pills away (or walk down the aisle for that matter) without reading this book first."

   - Grayson Hurst Daughters - Writer, Columnist, Atlanta Magazine


"Marg Stark's honest, open portrayal of her experiences adding children to her life and marriage shoots straight to the heart of this complex
time and it never backs off.  It puts words to what all women exper-ience at some point along the motherhood path.  You will laugh and cry your way though this book and put it down knowing you are part of an amazing group of strong and courageous women raising our world's children."

   - Christine D'Amico, author of The Pregnant Woman's Companion